At last, a breakthrough technique YOU can learn quickly & easily to eliminate relationship and emotional pain, anxiety, fear and more -- GUARANTEED!

If You're Really & Truly Ready to STOP Sabotaging Your Relationships and Success in Life . . .

Then Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Really Can Set You Free from the Paralyzing Effects of . . .

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Guilt, Anger, Sadness, Shame, Heartache, Loneliness,
Relationship Pain and More

Now You Can Learn EFT from
Master Coach
EFT Trainer

Paul Cutright

In this multimedia training you will learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to use with yourself, your friends and loved ones --
and even your pets!

Also, more and more coaches, therapists and counselors are
using EFT in their work with clients. You will hear from many
coaches and therapists below.

If you or anyone you know and care about is struggling with:
anxiety & panic attacks
emotional pain
fear & phobias
feeling stuck
trauma or PTSD
painful memories
chronic pain

You need to know that EFT is proven effective 90% of the time according to a large-scale clinical trial comparing EFT with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) along with medication which is considered the treatment of choice.

About 5,000 patients were diagnosed at intake with an anxiety disorder and randomly assigned to an experimental group using EFT or a
control group using CBT. The results speak for themselves:

CBT with Medication
Some improvement
Total Improvement
Average Sessions

From: Paul & Layne Cutright
Master Coaches & Trainers

Santa Fe, NM

Dear Internet Friend,

Let us ask you an important question . . .

If you possessed a healing power, literally at your finger tips, for eliminating stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, painful emotions that produced lasting emotional freedom, wouldn't you want to know about it? We know we sure did when we heard about it!

And even though we were skeptical, we knew we had to at least check it out, just in case it was really true. And are we ever glad we did! Because we have now used it successfully countless times for ourselves, our friends and loved ones as well as our clients.

Looking for the "magic pill"

Maybe you've already tried everything, but nothing has worked. Maybe you've been looking for that elusive "magic pill" and been disappointed time after time. And if you have, you might be feeling confused and resigned to just living with your stress and anxiety.

Well, what if there was a way for you to free yourself from the fear, anxiety and other painful feelings that are limiting you and holding you back from the fulfilling, successful life and relationships you deserve?

And what if it really was easier and faster than anything you've ever heard of or tried before? And what if it cost less than dinner out with a bottle of wine and maybe a movie? And what if it was so simple you could use it practically anywhere? Wouldn't you want to know about it?

If you said yes, then we want to share something revolutionary with you that has already changed the lives of many thousands of people. It's not exactly a "magic pill", but it's close!

Allow us to introduce ourselves . . .

We are Paul and Layne Cutright and for 35 years we have been working together to help people live vibrant, creative, emotionally healthy lives and to enjoy emotionally healthy relationships.

Over those nearly 30 years, we have discovered many things that work - and a few things that don't - when it comes to getting rid of fear and anxiety and healing emotional pain and suffering. We've had the privilege of sharing our work all over the world. We have also trained many hundreds of therapists, healers and personal coaches along the way.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

In 1998 we learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) from some colleagues in Arizona. We were absolutely blown away with the results we experienced!

We saw long standing fears, anxieties, phobias and other chronic emotional issues clearing up, literally in a matter of minutes - all with a technique that is unbelievably easy to learn and use!

As we continued to use EFT with ourselves, our clients and our friends, we kept finding the same amazing results over and over again. It was working 90+% of the time! And there just are no known negative side effects.

Another great thing about EFT is that it can be done over the telephone! That's right, you don't even have to be physically present to use it with another person. In fact, almost all of the work we do with people is over the phone.


Since no one can know if it will work for them until they try it, you have our unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with the Emotional Freedom Techniques Online Audio & Video Training, we'll refund the full purchase price - and you get to keep all five audio lessons, the four videos, plus all three bonus items!

OK, I'm ready to take advantage of your unconditional money back guarantee, Paul! Show me how I can learn Emotional Freedom Techniques right now!

However, we are completely convinced that once you learn EFT it will work for you, too.

We want you to know that your situation is not unique - and it's not hopeless. You do not have to put up with negative, painful emotions, fear, anxiety or stress for another day!

EFT works like the delete key on your computer!

You see, Emotional Freedom Techniques is so simple, it works a lot like the delete key on your computer. If you're reading this, you probably already know that in order to delete a file on your computer, you must first of all find it, then select it so it's highlighted, then you either drag it into the trash with your mouse or you hit the delete key.

It doesn't matter how long the file was on your computer - it could have been created five years ago or yesterday - the delete key works just the same. Simple as that, the file is gone!

Now, at one time, you had to be taught how to do that. As simple as that is, that move is not intuitive. Learning how to use EFT is almost as easy as learning to delete a file on your computer.

Well, EFT is like a delete key for unwanted feelings, like fear, anxiety, pain and more! It doesn't matter how long you've had the negative feelings, the delete procedure works just the same!

In the Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Online Audio and Video Program, you will learn how to use EFT, which is an amazing "power tool" for clearing fears, anxieties, phobias, painful emotions and more -- literally within minutes -- and usually permanently!

EFT is what is known as a "meridian" technique. That is, it works on the same meridians, or energy channels, used in acupuncture.

There are certain points on these meridians that can be stimulated to produce powerfully positive physical, emotional and energetic effects. Most people can easily feel the relaxing, calming yet energizing physical effect of stimulating these points.

You can use EFT for:

  • releasing fears and phobias
  • dissolving anxiety
  • letting go of painful memories
  • healing relationship pain
  • overcoming self-sabotage
  • insomnia
  • improving sports performance
  • and much more!

usually, in 10 minutes or less!! No kidding!

With Emotional Freedom Techniques you will be able to overcome your fear of:

  • failure/success
  • loss
  • heights
  • flying
  • driving
  • spiders or other creatures
  • going out in public
  • meeting new people
  • public speaking
  • making phone calls
  • presenting your product or service to prospects & customers
  • and much more!

You will be producing results after your very first lesson in the Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Online Audio and Video Program!

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • 18 "Healing Energy Points" and their associated emotional states (class #1)
  • Release fear, anxiety & pain easily and painlessly by stimulating these "Healing Energy Points" (class #1 & 2)
  • Reduce the process from minutes to 30 seconds or less with a simple shortcut (class #3 & 4)
  • Eliminate self-sabotage with the "Psychological Reversal Technique" for clearing unconscious counter intentions (class #1 - 5)
  • Replace fear & anxiety with what you want instead using the "Temporal Tapping Technique" (class #4)
  • What to do if it seems like it isn't working (remember, it works 90% of the time!) (class #3 & 4)

Now, we know a lot of what we're saying here may sound just too unbelievable to you. We'll admit, we were skeptical, too, when we first learned about this kind of energy technique back in 1989. But, after over a decade of experience, we are now convinced by our own experience thousands of times over.

Amazing technological advances are
being made every day

Consider this, though -- it was once inconceivable to people that the earth is round. Or that you could flip a switch and light a room. Or that humans could fly - or go to the moon. Or watch distant events through a "window" in your home. It wasn't all that long ago that these things would have been thought unbelievable by most people. Yet today we take them for granted.

Just as there are amazing technological advances being made every day in practically every field of human endeavor - some of them unbelievable to us, like cloning or organ transplants - there are wonderful advances being made in our understanding of what it means to be human and how our body and mind interacts. Well, Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of those advances.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

Fortunately, you do not have to believe in this for it to work. You can be as skeptical and doubting as you like -- and it will still work!

You don't have to believe in EFT for it to work.

It's just like gravity or electricity - -
it works whether you believe in it or not!

This work is based on the groundbreaking discoveries of Dr. John Diamond, a medical doctor and energy researcher, Dr. George Goodheart, creator of Applied Kinesiology and Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist. The work of these men revealed that emotional pain is caused by a disturbance in the body's energy system! When the energy system is cleared or balanced, the emotional pain disappears. And usually permanently!

Well, that was back in the early '80's. Since then, Gary Craig, a student of Dr. Callahan's and a Stanford trained engineer, has taken Dr. Callahan's work to new levels of simplicity and ease by developing Emotional Freedom Techniques. This has put the power of lasting emotional freedom into the hands of many more thousands of people.

"Paul Cutright is responsible for the quality training of many EFT practitioners. I am pleased to endorse his online training program."

Gary Craig, developer of EFT

You see, traditional thinking says that in order to be free of emotional pain, you must understand where the painful emotion comes from, and you have to talk and feel your way through it. All in the hopes that some day, maybe, you will be free of it! I used to believe this, too -- until I had my eyes opened!

Also, EFT is not suppressing the feelings or glossing over them. It is resolving them.

Here's what a nationally recognized psychotherapist has to say about meridian energy techniques.

Nathaniel Branden, a psychotherapist and nationally known expert and author of more than 20 books on self-esteem, has this to say about these new energy meridian techniques:

"The success I have had in my own practice using these techniques made me rethink the longtime tenet of psychotherapy - that a patient must reexperience and talk through childhood trauma or deep pain to free himself of its negative impacts."

This powerful Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio & Video Program
can work for you, too . . .

We have an unshakable conviction in EFT because we have used it with thousands of people with spectacular success - and we've taught it to hundreds of people, including therapists, healers, personal coaches and ordinary people who just want to be emotionally free, or who want to help their loved ones be emotionally free. People just like you, who have also used EFT with spectacular success.

And, now you can learn it, too!

We'll show you exactly what to do and what to say in applying EFT with yourself and with others. And we predict you will be amazed that you will be producing amazing results yourself right from the start. It won't take you weeks or months to learn and use EFT - you'll be using it right away!

We have taught EFT in workshops costing more than $350.00. A private session with us is $190.00 for an hour long session. We have also taught live teletrainings costing over $500.00. We could easily sell this training for $225.00 or more. But, we'm not, and here's why - we want as many people as possible to have access to EFT and we want it to be affordable.

You can learn EFT for a whole lot less with the Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio and Video Program.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Online Audio and Video Program comes with:

  • 5 audio lessons (1 hr. each) of a live teletraining
  • 4 video lessons in which I show you the core techniques
  • 85 pages of illustrated notes
  • illustrated EFT manual
  • 2 bonus audios (45 min. each) of a live presentation to 800 people
  • access to books and other resources


  • You will learn EFT step-by-step, right along with the other students.
  • You will learn from my interactions with the other students as I answer their questions.
  • I will model exactly how to do EFT in every single class by working with a volunteer - and then explain what I did and why I did it.
  • You will receive the same assignments as the other students to perform on your own.
  • You will be using EFT after the very first class. In fact, your first assignment will be to use EFT with yourself right away.
  • You will gain a skill that will last you a lifetime and that you will be able to use to help others that you love and care about.

Not only that, but you will also receive any future updates, additions and improvements to the training!

Your investment in your own emotional freedom, and the skill to help others, is not the $225.00 or more that we could easily charge. It's worth way more than that.

For now, this training is not $175.00 or even $150.00. It's only $119.95! That's less than the cost of a single private session with either of us, which is $190.00 per hour.

And remember, that comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. You have nothing to lose, except your fear and pain!

There's a whole lot more we could say about the Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio and Video Program, but we think our clients and graduates of the training say it best.

Here's what some graduates of the
Emotional Freedom Training have said . . .

"I learned EFT from Paul recently and have been using it with tremendous success. With clients it works to decrease anxiety and fear, specifically around presentations."

~ Madeleine Homan - Chief Coaching Officer,

"I felt as though I was actually present in an in-person classroom. I came away from each class with new insight into healing and transformation."

~ Rich Brooks - Certified Hypnotherapist

"My fear of success and its many aspects dropped from an intensity of "10" to zero with EFT."

~ Julie Roy - Life Skills Coach & Trainer

"I am impressed that this work has demonstrated that such a simple process can be profoundly effective to clear deeply felt dark emotions. The technique was easy to learn and the results were immediate."

~ Michael Singer - Attorney/Coach

"This EFT was incredible! The whole experience, including my personal success with it, was comfortable and complete."

~ Carol O'Brien - VP Investments, Paine Webber

"EFT will provide me with the tools to finally do something about my negative thinking!"

~ Ellen Stanbrough - Human Resources

"It works within minutes, painlessly and is fun to do! Everybody should learn EFT."

~ William R. Dempsey, Ph.D. - Spiritual Teacher

Alison Held

Alison Held
Business Owner

“In working with Paul I was able to fully acknowledge and embrace my feelings about particularly difficult situations that were holding me back from true happiness. Paul listened intently and his focused questions helped me discover ways to move forward with my goals and release any negative core beliefs.

During our phone sessions we used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as a primary tool for clearing.

His method was unique in that he seemed to have a very deep level of understanding and compassion for my experiences. After using EFT with Paul, I experienced a great sense of clarity and an overall calming effect. Paul’s support, thoughtfulness and acceptance were exactly what I needed in order for me to reach new heights in my relationships. Thanks Paul!"

Kenny Giacco

Kenny Giacco Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker

"I have been addressing issues around my self esteem and anger for thirty years. And I am happy to say that my work with Paul in the last few months has taken me light years beyond anything I have ever done. With Paul's masterful coaching and use of EFT I am cleaning out issues I have lived with for most of my 55 years.

There is just no way to fully express my gratitude for having been referred to Paul. I am deeply grateful and excited to be making the kind of progress I am now both in my career and my personal life and relationships.

Plus, Paul is also teaching me powerful tools (EFT, VAK Programming, Temporal Tapping and others) that I use on my own and will continue to use to take my life where I want it to go."

Karen Risch

Karen Risch

"Simply the most intuitive, articulate, appreciative, thoughtful, and spiritual presence in my life ... Layne always makes it safe for me to feel or say anything, and I have shared some of my scariest thoughts, deepest fears, and most desperate moments with her. I have also experienced wondrous "ahas" and the heights of exhilaration and divine connection under her care.

She is both results-oriented and in tune with the pace of progress that's right for me. She has a delicious sense of humor and such a beautiful voice (no small thing when most of our sessions are conducted over the phone).

Robert Mott

Robert Mott
graphic designer, composer and professional musician

"Working with Layne has been one of the best investments of my time -- EVER! As a teacher and coach, Layne embodies a unique combination of decades of profes-sional experience with a curiosity and respect for the sacred and divine in each of us.

For me, this has created the most personally-tailored coaching I have ever experienced, making our sessions together always insightful, often educational and more than worth the investment of my time and money.

With her loving guidance I have been able to unravel decades of self-sabotaging patterns of behavior in a few short months, and begun to weave a strong and beautiful new foundation of beliefs and actions that will undoubtedly affect all my relationships and life decisions in powerful and positive ways from this moment forward.

Her EFT tapping exercises alone are brilliantly simple and effective. EFT has helped me confront and discuss difficult emotional issues which, in the past, had caused me to simply shut down and try to bury my thoughts and feelings . . . only to have them explode even stronger days, months or even years later. I've worked with a number of coaches and have used many personal development systems in the last 15 years, and no one else holds a candle to the Cutright's work!"

She doesn't impose her views, but offers me options that can lead to a greater sense of self and soul. What an amazing blessing she is to me and to so many others who've decided to accept her gift of love and wisdom."

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Bonus #1 - 85 pages of illustrated notes with step-by-step instructions

Bonus #2 - 50 page photo illustrated e-book with additional uses for EFT

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The entire process takes just a few minutes - then you'll be reading your manual and listening to your first lesson in less than 10 minutes from right now.

You can quickly scan your manual first - or - you can jump right into the first audio lesson. Either way will work fine because you'll be taking powerul and positive action toward your own lasting emotional freedom.

The Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio and Video Program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the manual, listen to the audio lessons and watch the videos, totally risk free. If the tools and techniques you learn aren't helpful to you, we'll cheerfully refund your money. And you get to keep all the audio lessons, videos, plus all the bonus items.

OK, I'm ready to take advantage of your 100% money back guarantee and experience a quantum leap into lasting emotional freedom!

You will receive:

  • 6.5 hours of online audio training
  • 4 video lessons
  • 85 pages of illustrated notes
  • 50 page photo illustrated e-book
  • free updates for life


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Layne & Paul Cutright
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and Best Selling Authors

To your success & happiness,

PS - Every tool and technique you will learn in the Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Online Audio and Video Program is proven to work in real world situations with every kind of fear, phobia, anxiety and stress. They are the same tools we use in our private practice every day to help people overcome fear and painful emotions once and for all, and that we teach in trainings costing more than twice as much. Plus, you will also receive any future updates to the training!

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